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    August 20, 2019 6 min read 11 Comments

    The Arrival Of A New Member To The Family Is A Moment Worth Celebrating.

    What Could Be A Better Gift For These New Mom This Holiday Season? 

    "About 64% Of New Mom Today Are Employed And For Sure They Are Getting More Busy These Days. Multi-tasking is an important factor for them." 

    Our Customers Have Put In Thoughts On The Best Gifts A New Moms Would Need

    The Selection Consist Of The Balance Of Both Appreciation Gift for their Perseverance and Practicality That Allows Them To Save Time All In One Go. 

    As these little ones take their first steps, how can we ensure that these newborn are supported with love and care?

    To The New Moms, as a reward for perseverance, we would like to take the weight off your shoulders and pass the thoughts to us. 

    We've put together the Top 10 Gifts For New Moms voted by our customers. 

    1. Happy Nappy™(Premium Diaper Travel Backpack)

    Gifts For New Moms (Happy Nappy) - kangaroobuddy

    I find I quite enjoyable to be able share my personal favourites about Baby Care!

    This one here is one of our best sellers on our store. 

    I remember last year when we did a launch for this Happy Nappy set, it went absolutely wild because it was so useful and handy!

    For all its functions, the price was a bargain!

    Insulated, waterproof and durable, perfect recipe for any mom with the worst days!

    The Happy Nappy Diaper Bag is waterproof, insulated and durable to ensure all the essentials are safe, and will last you many a kids!

    This bag is something every mother should have. A very functional yet super stylish travel nappy bag.


    A perfect Gift for New Mums or even Dads giving them both style and comfort!

    Given its functionalities, we are selling it at $59.95(U.P $119.95). Some good deals we are giving you yeahh.

    If this is something you kind of find it so simplistic, well, let us show you the upgraded Happy Nappy 2.0 you have for you.

    2. Happy Nappy Diaper Bag 2.0 (Rechargeable)

    Happy Nappy™ Diaper Bag Rechargeable 2.0 - kangaroobuddy

    Keeping your milk warm is another checklist you could go for this Happy Nappy Diaper Bag 2.0(Rechargeable)

    We found out that it is an important factor these days that New Moms Are Equipped with everything that they need on the go!

    Working Moms, can be tough to be bring all the items especially having to bring laptop around. 


    The Enhanced version give you a 15-inch laptop to fit in so your typical ipad or Mac Book is enough for you to put it in.

    Starting at $149.95, comes with 3 different color of your choice.

    Bring style and class to your baby needs.

    Well now that you know how this whole idea of travelling equipment solve the needs for your baby needs.

    Having your baby crying can be an issue while you are working. We discovered certain products that manage to keep your babies entertained!

    3. Staybowl™(360 Spill-Proof Bowl)

    Once the little one has quieten down, he’s going to get hungry

    You’d want to be prepared for any spills after he’s all worn out, he’s definitely not going to be able to handle the bowl

    Why not pass him this gyro inspired bowl that prevents spills even from the most drunk person on the planet!

    Let him trip, let her fall, nothing will ever ever fall!

    This bowl looks like Planet Saturn with anti spill design, in which it can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and avoid food spilling. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying and lid to cover the food when not in use.

    Not only for food, you can use it for place your small office equipment such a clip, pin, needle or coins. Also, it makes an unique gift for your close ones!

    Never again get tired cleaning those Mess!
    The next item is something the toddlers have fun playing with.
    It is none other than.....

    4. Minion Copter™(Hand Sensoring Drone)

    Minion Copter - kangaroobuddy


    "Makakiki" Minions Assembled To Do Some Superhero Duty!

    Something to throw into your pack to entertain the little one so that you can catch a breather!

    Fits into your palm and spins around to keep everyone hooked to the flying minion!


    Select the Different Form Of Superheroes Flying Around As Though The 'Minioneroes' Gathered To Save The World.

    ....Moms, the next one is a very important message.

    Being a mom is a full time job that takes a toll on your body and soul

    A thankless job sometimes.

    But that doesn’t mean that you should not indulge in comfort when you spend
    time with your dear baby.

    5. Kanga™ Carrier (Multi-Functional Baby Carrier)

    Kanga Carrier - kangaroobuddy

    Unless you have back muscles like a kangaroo, I suggest you look after yourself
    and ensure that it stays in good form.

    I love the Kanga Carrier with its multi function fitting which allows you take
    make the adjustments fit to your comfort and style!

    Ricky understands the load to carry a baby around cause heyy.. we are a kangaroo.. haha


    Comfort is sure is key and this carrier sure gives the comfortableness in carrying.

    Effortless and tireless enjoy your time with the little one when you’re running
    errands or on holiday

    She’s up and down so may times a night, her feet can’t seem to keep a happy balance. When she’s in bed they’re hot, so she can’t wear socks. 

    If she puts these slippers somewhere she’ll notice them as she stumbles around in the middle of the night, they will be sure to help her cold feet off the floor.

    Besides, she’s not always going to get dressed after she’s been up all night; these comfy slippers will be used a lot during the winter.


    Brings us to number #6

    6. Sklippers™ (Cute Mom & Baby Kitten Footwear)

    Sklippers™ has been the top selling for bedroom slippers at the comfort of your home.

    Not only is it best for cat-lovers and the cute image of a kitten, 
    The soft and comfortable wear makes you fall in love rubbing your foot against the smooth insoles.

    Stress-Free! You sure will definitely fall in love with it

    7. Unique Tricky Baby Food Pacifier

    Safety Feeding is the utmost priority and what better way to do this then to have this Unique Pacifier.

    These custom designed Fruit Pacifiers are a MUST HAVE for your Baby!

    Give your baby a taste of yummy fresh fruit snacks, breast milk, or even vegetables. 

    Simply put a piece of fruit inside the nipple and as your baby sucks and chews, the juices from the fruit will come through while keeping large pieces safely inside the pacifier. 

    Well we've come to point number #8 and one of you can't go wrong gifting for new moms for a Foldable Stroller. Unleashing style while keeping compact.

    8. Foldable Lightweight Baby Stroller

    This stroller was one of our many Contest Giveaway we had for new moms.


    Easy To Carry, On Crowded Places.

    Discover This Amazing Foldable Lightweight Baby Stroller. With its lightweight of 5.7kg, you can carry it around without worry like handbag.

    Made To make your travel easy and comfortable. Effective storage build which can even store in airplane luggage rack.


    With A Push of a Button, you can collapse the stroller into a small bag that is as light as a handbag.


    Get The Foldable Stroller at $250.00 For 30% Off On Our Store


    9. KangaSeat™ (Hip Seat Baby Carrier)

    If having a big carrier is too muchhh.

    This excellent Hip Seat Baby Carrier solution reduces the stress on your back when carry your baby at your home, in town or while tour travel!

    You will be surprise that they will appreciate and love the gift as it helps with their daily routine and solves one of the problem of having back-ache all this time. 



    Our KangaSeat™ (Hip Seat Baby Carrier) allows you to distribute your babies weight across your entire body so you don't have to continue to move the baby around in multiple positions to release muscle fatigue!

    Approved by multiple doctors, the position that allows your baby's legs to rest on both sides of the KangaSeat™(Hip Seat Baby Carrier) helps prevent scoliosis and other future ways of having spinal issues as an adult!

    This is one of the best gift for new moms you could give to someone or even for yourselves.

    Being the best mom has always been the number 1 priority, maintaining a good posture is equally important.

    I've meet so many new moms, who had back-pains and these actually solve the problem.

    We've come to the last part and watching them growing up can be very fast. As a mother, moments and memories is important and our last item allow such repeated conversations from many moms.

    10. Baby Growth Memorial Gift (Frame + Clay set)

    Display this memorial gift as part of your house decoration

    Especially the footprint, it allow a continuous presence of the newborn footprint and hand print be felt in the house all the time.

    What we could ever wish for to all new moms...

    May it brings the light and warmth and wonderful joy of a place called home.

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