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Kangaroo Buddy brings to you unique and best-selling products carrying in its pouch from the adventure he embark.

You, our customers, drive us to be really picky in choosing what products to offer.

If you don't see something list on this web store, it's probably because we didn't think much of it or never encountered it in our search.

If you do find a unique product worthy of being listed here, reach out to us.

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Fun Fact! 🦘Ricky Changes Every Event For You

Every New Events, Ricky is constantly trying to find new outfits to look presentable to you! Sometimes, Ricky is out of idea on how to find the best fittings and he needs your help for some ideas. P.S ... there is no split personality here...

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Is Your Lucky Spin Real?

It's time to answer this question...This is to be fair towards other people to have the chance to win the discount code...and if you accidentally exit the spin...

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I’m sure it’s no longer news to you that the Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting every single individual worldwide I believe you and your family is no exception... Myself and my family included...

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9 Collections That Forms Kangaroo Buddy


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