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    Ambassador Program

    Our team, Kangaroo Buddy is always on the lookout for Great Talents, Influencers, and Creative Individuals!

    (1) Turn your Passion and Talent into Extra Income!

    (2) APPLY NOW as an Official Ambassador and Start Earning!


    How To Apply:     

    As an Ambassador, you will be rewarded with branded product periodically, and will be the first to enjoy and review out all our newest product additions.

    Here's the best part; we will reward you for your effort! You will receive commission for educating the community!


    Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:

    • Strong Social Media Influence
    • Good Engagement for your social media posts
    • Expert in Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or other Social Media
    • Enthusiastic and Driven
      • We will be there to support you overcome the challenges and obstacles that you may encounter.
      • We want you to enjoy the experience and earn your income!

    Don't fit the criteria above?

    Don't have a large following? Not A Natural in front of the camera?

    No worries, we will still welcome individuals with the following talents:

     Professional Photographers   

    • Are you able to take amazing, jaw-dropping shots of our products? If so, we'll send you some of the product to shoot. We will reward you with our products or commission too!

    Product Review Expert


    • Are you a natural in front of the camera? We are looking for engaging and enthusiastic individuals to share a video review of our product and get a chance to be Featured on Social Media!

    Got a Dazzling Website or Trending Blog?


    • Give us a shout out link post and we'll return the love! <3
      (For every 5 sales made, we will gift you the product and you can enjoy your commission at the same time!)

    Affiliate Marketing


    • Feature our product and earn commission from sales!
    • Exclusive deals for you when you purchase with us! ITS CRAZY! GUARANTEE


    Don't wait any longer! Turn your passion into your source of income!

    The more details, the better. Leave your description or comments on what you wish to apply for e.g Social Media Influencer, Reviewer, etc.

    We want to know you better - share with us your  Social Media Account, YouTube link Channel portfolio, or any form of social media proof or portfolio.


    Input inside the Message Box below as follow:

    (1) Account Name:

    (2) Main Phone Number:

    (3) Portfolio/ Social Media Link:

    We will get in touch with you so that you can start earning immediately!