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    July 01, 2018 3 min read 3 Comments

    The Summer to Remember is Round the Corner!

    4th Of July is the occasion for everyone to catch up on what they love - from catching the colorful fireworks, spending quality time with your best buds to soaking in the tub and enjoying that book you've been putting off reading.....

    Don't be caught with your pants down as you head out for the celebrations! 

    Kangaroobuddy got you covered this Summer! 
    Here are 8 Ways to enjoy Your July 4th & Your Summer To Remember! 

    4th of July Celebrations is not complete without them Fireworks!

    There’s nothing more that we love than blowing things up into the sky!

    Many people fail to capture that picture perfect or insta-worthy shot from being unprepared. Take your selfie game to the next level with The Pocket Drone! Convenient, portable and easy to use - sure game to get that perfect shot!

    Just be sure to be there early! :)


    2. Reusable Elegant Straws Set(12 Pc)

    One way to beat the summer heat:  Two Words – Summer Cocktail! There’s no better feeling than having that sweet nectar of god down your throat and quench that century old thirst!

    While you’re downing that third glass, don’t forget to ensure that your indulgence is plastic-free! Straws may seem like an innocent trash item, but it has caused the death and degradation of millions of marine life and ecosystems.

    Look for alternatives such as biodegradable straws, recyclable straws or even reusable ones!

    3. Ralferty™️ (Slap On Sunglasses)

    What better time to hit the beach than 4th of July? While catching the waves, don’t make the mistake of going there unprepared! Check if you always have your umbrella, mat, sunblock, shades

    It could be irritating at time when your sunglasses fall off or misplacing them is a common thing. Now you could just keep it on your wrist by just slapping it on.

    4. Lish-Leashes™(Instant Dog Trainer Leash)

    Your best bud's been waiting for this all year! The Walk Of July!  Just make sure you are well equipped to ensure that they are well taken care of. Are they well hydrated? How’s their leash? Are you still stocked up on treats?

    You could Train your dog using the safest dog Leash that neither choke nor strangle - allowing them to enjoy that relaxing stroll!

    5. T-Destroyer™ (RC Off-Road Monster Truck)

    For those who would like to avoid the heat, find a shady spot to enjoy that book that’s been collecting dust under your bed.

    Alteratively. now is the best time to bring out them toys! Get everyone moving with Frisbee, RC Car Racing, Water Balloon Games.  
    Destroy the competition with the T-Destroyer RC Beast!

    6. Qi-Wireless Ki-Blaster (10000mAh Power Bank)


    Your PUBG and Fortnite fanatics need more than a full charge to get through the day.

    The least you could do is bring along a fully charged portable charger so that you won’t miss that insta worthy shot when it truly matters!

    Grab the worthy Qi-Blaster to meet your gaming and selfie needs!

    7. Baby Flamingo Pool Float

    Beat the 4th of July heat by dipping into the pool! Kids may sometimes be afraid of the pool or may not know be able to swim....
    This cute pool float will definitely bait those little ones to soak in the fun!

    The float is very safe as it is guided through a leg slot in between and most importantly, it's really cute!


    8. SMART LB™ (The World BEST Smart Wallet)

    SMART LB™ (The World BEST Smart Wallet) - kangaroobuddy

    It’s easy for us to carried away with festivities and forget to keep a tab on our belongings

    Let it not become a festival of losing your valuables.  Travel light, ensure that you do not carry too much cash and have your key valuables secure within your fanny pack or spread out among your pockets. 

    We got you covered with the Smart Wallet that can be located easily with the touch of a button on your phone!


    Enjoy Your 4th Of July!


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