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    StraightGlow™️ - Quick-Heating Cordless Hair Straightener Brush

    Pastel Purple
    Pastel Pink
    Dark Green
    My first time using this device was very positive! I have fine, curly/wavy hair and humidity is not my friend...BUT the portable, cordless device saved me today. Worked just great to smooth out what curled up just being outside for a few minutes. Great when out and about and no electrical outlet nearby. Will fit in a medium to large purse or carry bag. Heated for about three minutes and only needed a couple of "passes" through my hair and unwanted waves/curls smoothed out. Great find! First use so I can not comment on how long the charge lasts. No issue with fingers being subjected to heat.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Linda A.Yoder
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Straighten Your Hair Cordlessly and Effortlessly - no more pricey salons required!

    Simplify your hair styling routine with StraightGlow™️. This innovative styling tool is designed for convenience and portability, making it easy to achieve sleek and straight hair anytime, anywhere.

    Crafted for efficiency and style, it ensures your hair looks its best no matter where you are. Whether you're on the go or need a quick touch-up, StraightGlow™️ guarantees smooth and frizz-free hair with ease.



    ✅ CORDLESS CONVENIENCE - Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and travel, providing freedom and flexibility in your styling routine. StraightGlow's hair straightener brush allows you to style your hair without being tethered to an outlet. 

    ✅ QUICK HEATING ON-THE-GO - You won't have to wait long to achieve the look you want, saving time and reducing styling delays. StraightGlow™️ hair straightener brush features rapid heating technology, allowing it to reach your desired temperature within minutes. (2-5mins)


    ✅ GENTLE & SAFE TO YOUR HAIR -Designed to be gentle on your hair while effectively straightening, preventing heat damage and ensuring a polished and healthy appearance. This is particularly important for those who prioritize hair health.

    ✅ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - No need to buy batteries - this sustainable and cost-effective solution eliminates the need for disposable batteries. This reduces waste and benefits the environment. Even if you go out for a whole day, you don't have to worry about the power shortage of the straightening comb.



    ✅ FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Easy to use. Soft, thinning, thick, curly, even beard! Simply brush through hair with the straightening brush to tame frizz and waves. Only takes minutes, and you can easily create the perfect hairstyle.

     Quickly get salon-quality hair at the comfort of your home! 



    1. Make sure to charge your StraightGlow™️
    2. Choose 3 modes of heating functions
    3. Heat for a few minutes(Best recommend to heat for 2-5mins
    4. Comb your hair as per normal and witness the result!



    Picture yourself struggling with frizzy hair and no conditioner to tame it, while you're on the move and needing to look your best for an important event. You can't find a wall plug to charge can be a real hassle when you just want to comb your hair neat. Not to mention the worry of using heat on your hair. Recent studies show damage hair whom need a hair treatment transplants cost anywhere from $3000USD to over $15000USD, making it a costly problem.

    StraightGlow™️ gives you sleek, manageable hair in the blink of an eye! Say goodbye to time-consuming styling and gain the confidence that comes with looking your best. And, with its small and portable size, you can take it anywhere - from the office, to a girls night out, and everywhere in between. Stop stressing over your look and embrace all the compliments that come your way with StraightGlow™️ - the perfect partner for any occasion!




    Rated voltage: 110-220V
    Rated frequency: 50Hz
    Rated power: 45W
    Mode: 3 Modes
    Material: plastic + metal + ceramics
    Color: Purple, Pink, Green
    Size: 185 * 35mm/7.28*1.38''
    Battery Capacity: 4000mAh



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