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    SteamGroom™ - Steamy Cat Brush

    Freshy Greeny
    Hello Yellow
    "This is such a cool cat brush. It looks like an avocado, but the shape it actually perfect for holding it in your palm. My cats have been spooked by brushes for whatever reason, but they don’t run from this one at all. It’s easy to use. After charging it you can fill it with water and press the button to release and cool and steady light mist. It slightly wets their hair to help me maintain and untangle it. It glides through their hair nicely. I have no complaints. I like it a lot.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nicky Ann
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    Grooming a cat can be challenging, especially due to the presence of loose flying hair and the sharp bristles found on traditional brushes. This can result in skin irritation for furry friend, causing fur loss in a specific area, which can lead to infections due to bleeding. The long-term effects of using sharp bristles can raise concerns about overall well-being, potentially leading to feelings of worry and anxiety.

    Introducing SteamGroom™, an innovative avocado-shaped device that fits perfectly in the the palm combining the calming effect of steam with gentle brushing to create a relaxing and efficient grooming session for any cat. Each SteamGroom™ provides assurance of reducing shedding and softening the fur, while the soft bristle brush keeps the cat's coat healthy and sleek. Enjoy a delightful and stress-free experience, keeping furry friends well-groomed and happy.




    ✅ GENTLE & RELAXING GROOMING - Featuring a steamy cat brush designed for gentle and relaxing grooming sessions. SteamGroom™'s steam functionality adds a soothing element to the brushing experience, making it a comfortable and enjoyable process for the feline companion.

    ✅ EFFICIENT DE-SHREDDING - The SteamGroom™ brush is effective for de-shedding, helping to reduce loose fur and prevent matting. It ensures that fur baby's coat remains healthy and sleek while minimizing shedding-related issues.

    ✅ STEAM CLEANING FOR HYGIENE - Incorporating steam
    in the grooming process not only aids in coat health but also contributes to hygiene. SteamGroom™ innovative approach helps keep the fur cleanand reduces the risk of skin-related concerns.

    ✅ EASY-TO-USE - Designed for ease of use, ensuring seamlessly integration of steam-assisted grooming into the regular care routine. SteamGroom™'s user-friendly design makes it a practical device for cat lovers.

     - The steamy cat brush features a one-click water spray that avoids the generation of static and reduces fly-aways, making hair removal easy. SteamGroom™ builds confidence when brushing creating a soothing and calming experience, leaving feline friend feeling pampered and content.



    1. Open SteamGroom™ silicone cover
    2. Pour in shower gel
    3. Dilute with clean water
    4. Turn on SteamGroom™ switch to use it
    5. Watch as indulging fluffy companions with hassle-free grooming


    Pet Grooming Steam Brush


    We understand how challenging cat grooming sessions can be, with loose hairs clinging to furniture and the added concern of hairball issues. It can be particularly worrisome not knowing if feline friend's fur is adequately protected throughout the process. A recent study shows that the average cost of cat grooming can vary in the range of $100 USD to $150 USD or more!

    With SteamGroom, feline is pampered with comfortable and enjoyable grooming session. Utilizing Nano Mist Spray Technology, it gently removes dirt and hair, promoting a healthy and well-groomed cat. Embrace the future of grooming, transforming it from a chore into an experience to adore.






    Size: 190 * 53 * 26mm
    Weight: 73g
    Color: Freshy Greeny OR Hello Yellow
    Material: Plastic & silicone





    (1) X SteamGroom
    (1) X USB Charging Cable


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