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    August 20, 2020 1 min read

    Every New Events, Ricky is constantly trying to find new outfits to look presentable to you!

    Sometimes, Ricky is out of idea on how to find the best fittings and he needs your help for some ideas.

    P.S ... there is no split personality here...

    Here are some outfits for the few of the events

    Halloween:The Haunted Ricky

    Haunted Ricky - kangaroobuddy

    Cyber Monday:The Cyborg Ricky

    Cyborg Ricky - kangaroobuddy

    Christmas:The Santa Ricky

    Santa Ricky - kangaroobuddy

    Christmas:The Ricky Claus

    Ricky Claus - kangaroobuddy

    Abandoned Cart:The Overworked Ricky

    ....and he mention not to leave your cart anymore..... Ricky is going to get tired

    Overworked Ricky

    Your Daily Deals:The Overly Present-ed Ricky

    Present-ed Ricky - kangaroobuddy

    Cart Savior: The Happiness Ricky

    Hawaii Ricky - kangaroobuddy

    5-Point Of Happiness:The Cool Ricky

    Ricky Shades - kangaroobuddy

    Safety & Policy: The Safety Ricky

    Safety Ricky - kangaroobuddy


    Our Designers Are Definitely Creating More Ricky!!

    Let us know in the comment section below.

    Your Feedback Our Happiness🥰

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