Covid-19 UPDATE

Covid-19 UPDATE

I’m sure it’s no longer news to you that the Covid-19 Pandemic is affecting every single individual worldwide

I believe you and your family is no exception...

Myself and my family included...

I pray that it has not caused you as much distress as it has for those gravely stricken nations...

I pray that you’ll still be able to find hope and meaning through this ordeal...

I pray that this will help shape us into stronger and resilient people

We are all in this together, as a united front against the challenges that may come

Likewise, while we are doing our part to ensure that all our team and products are maintained hygienically

Stay strong and stay healthy

Now is the time to reconnect with your loved ones 💕

Looking forward to hearing from you again soon

COVID-19: We're operating as normal and we don't expect any delays, however it might take the postman a little longer to deliver your parcel.

Keeping You In My Prayers,

Ricky Kay

(Co-Founder & CEO , KangarooBuddy)

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