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    TraJet™️ - Jet Turbo Blower

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    "Feels nice and dense and very powerful. It does have the option to pick between 3 power settings which is great! You can use it for everything from cooling off during a hot day or at a concert to giving oxygen to coals or a campfire. It is also great for removing dust and debris around the home and garage. Also great for dispersing smoke and even cold drying your hair or hands. You can even use it to dry your car after a wash especially if it’s ceramic coated!
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Liem Scott
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    Struggling with clearing debris from yards can be frustrating and time-consuming. Each gust of wind scatters leaves and dirt further, leaving outdoor spaces cluttered and unkempt. The frustration of never-ending cleanup looms over every outdoor task, draining enjoyment and leaving you feeling defeated.

    Introducing Trajet™ Jet Turbo Blower, a revolutionary solution designed to effortlessly clear debris from yards. With its powerful motor and adjustable settings, it provides efficient and thorough cleaning, leaving outdoor spaces pristine in no time. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to convenience with Trajet™ Jet Blower.


    POWERFUL MOTOR: Equipped with a high-performance motor, Trajet™ Jet Blower delivers exceptional blowing power, effortlessly tackling leaves, debris, and dirt. The powerful motor ensures that you can complete your yard cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space.

    ADJUSTABLE SPEED SETTINGS: With multiple speed settings, Trajet™ can customize the airflow to suit different cleaning tasks, from delicate surfaces to heavy-duty debris. Have the flexibility to adapt to different cleaning needs, making yard maintenance more convenient and tailored to your preferences.

    PORTABLE AND COMPACT: With itsmini size andlightweight design, it is veryeasy to carryoutside. The portability allows you to easily movethe Trajet™ Jet Blower around your yard or property, tackling debris wherever it may be.

    LONG BATTERY LIFE WIRELESS DESIGN:Trajet™'s powerful jet blower is equipped with built-in (3000mah batteries), without external power supply that can last up to 3-4 hours. Eliminate cord tangles and interruptions, and enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions that keep your yard looking its best.

    ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Designed for user comfort and ease of use, Trajet™ Jet Blower features an ergonomic handle and lightweight construction, reducing fatigueand strain on your hands and arms. The ergonomic design of Trajet™ Jet Blower ensures that you can tackle yard work comfortably, allowing you to maintain your outdoor space without discomfort or pain.


    1. Select the ideal Power Setting which comes with a variety of power modes for different tasks. 

    2. Choose the setting that best suits your cleaning or drying needs, ensuring optimal performance for each specific task.

    3. Charge for uninterrupted use with Trajet™ easy-to-use USB-C charging port where an LED indicator will notify you when it's fully charged.

    4. Position Trajet™'s nozzle towards the target area. 

    5. Switch on Trajet™with a simple press of a button and watch it work its magic.

    6. Experience the efficiency and power of Trajet™ in action.


    We understand how frustrating it can be to struggle with manually clearing debris from your yard, especially when time is limited. Each passing day without a solution leads to a growing sense of overwhelm as the clutter accumulates, making outdoor maintenance feel like an endless chore. Over 70% of homeowners struggle with maintaining a tidy outdoor space without the right tools.

    Imagine the freedom of effortlessly maintaining a pristine yard with Trajet™ Jet Blower by your side. With its powerful performance and versatile design, reclaim the weekends and enjoy outdoor spaces that are always ready for relaxation and entertainment. Invest in Trajet™ Jet Blower today and experience the joy of hassle-free yard maintenance.


    Indicator light descriptions:
      1. Blue light flashing: charging
      2. Blue light always on: full
    Electric regulation: 30A
    Power: 180W
    Continuous use time: One gear can last for 4 hours
    Battery capacity: 3000mAh
    Shell material: ABS


    (1) x Trajet Jet Blower
    (1) x User Manual/Instruction Guide
    (1) x Power Cable
    (1) x Magnetic Nozzle Attachments

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