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    Star Projection Lamp

    Power supply
    Light Color
    (English package) Black and White (13 sets of film)
    "I got this as a birthday gift for my son's room. It's camping theme so I had to have the realistic star experience for him. I LOVE THIS! It has various "slides" you can choose from to project the image onto the ceiling. I wish my pics did this more justice. You can adjust the focus of each image once it's projected on the ceiling by turning the lens. It also has a timer for 1 hour and 2 hours, which is a great for a kids room. Highly recommend and love this!
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Samantha
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Without a source of comforting illumination in the darkness, navigating through the night can be an unsettling experience. Straining to discern shapes and contours in the gloom, the absence of guiding light amplifies feelings of disorientation and vulnerability.

    Introducing the Star Projection Lamp, the solution to navigating darkness with ease. With its comforting illumination and versatile features, this projector brings the wonders of the universe into any space. Transforming surroundings into a celestial paradise, it provides a sense of security and serenity amidst the night.



    Versatile Projection Options: Star projection lamp offers 12 display scenarios, including the solar system, celestial planets, and deep forests. This variety stimulates imagination and curiosity, making it perfect for creating an immersive experience for children's learning and entertainment.

    Multiple Display Modes: With independent control over movie lights and side star lights, you can customize your experience. This feature allows for a personalized ambiance, whether hosting a home party or enjoying a relaxing evening in a room, enhancing the atmosphere and mood.




    HD Projection Quality: Star Projection Lamp ensures high-definition projection, allowing for clear imaging up to 5 meters away. This clarity enhances the visual experience, making it perfect for decorating rooms and creating a captivating environment for relaxation or entertainment.




    1. Select the ideal Power Setting which comes with a variety of power modes for different tasks. 

    2. Choose the setting that best suits your cleaning or drying needs, ensuring optimal performance for each specific task.

    3. Charge for uninterrupted use with Trajet™ easy-to-use USB-C charging port where an LED indicator will notify you when it's fully charged.

    4. Position Trajet™'s nozzle towards the target area. 

    5. Switch on Trajet™with a simple press of a button and watch it work its magic.

    6. Experience the efficiency and power of Trajet™ in action.


    We understand how disorienting and unsettling it can be to navigate through darkness without a guiding light. Struggling to see in the gloom can amplify feelings of vulnerability and fear. In fact, studies show that inadequate lighting can contribute to a decrease in overall well-being and productivity.

    Step into a realm of celestial beauty with Star Projection Lamp. With its comforting glow and versatile features, you'll effortlessly navigate through darkness, leaving behind feelings of vulnerability and fear. Embrace a newfound sense of security and serenity as you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing ambiance of the stars, transforming your nights into moments of wonder and tranquility.


    • Power adapter: DC 5V/2A
    • Connection: Type-C USB cable
    • Projection distance: Up to 5 meters
    • Projection area: Up to 134㎡
    • Control options: Movie lights, side star lights, star rotation
    • Timer function: 1-hour auto shutdown
    • Material: High-quality ABS


    (1) x Star Projection Lamp
    (1) x Power adapter (DC 5V/2A)
    (1) x Type-C USB cable
    (1) x Projection film sheets (quantity not specified)
    (1) x Instruction manual

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