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    SteamGroom - Steamy Cat Brush

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    I was skeptical when I ordered this, wondering if it was going to spray hot steam and burn my cat or perform as a squirt bottle. It does neither. I filled the brush reservoir with water, turned it on and instantaneously a steady puff of cool steam was emitted from the brush. My cat was a little reserved at first, especially when I got the steam close enough to his face or ears that he could feel it but allowed me to brush him down with it. I just made a point to keep it away from his head as to not to startle him off.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chris Ann
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Pamper Your Furry Friend with Steamy Care

    Aren't you tired of the struggle with traditional brushes, & stressed-out kitties during grooming? Grooming your cat in the traditional way can be a struggle with their resistance to cold water. However, with traditional brushes often having sharp bristles that can cause pain, it's important to find a gentler option. Not brushing your cat can also lead to an increase in hairballs, which can be uncomfortable and problematic for their digestive system.

    Who said grooming had to be boring? This innovative grooming tool combines the calming effect of steam with gentle brushing, creating a relaxing and efficient grooming session for your cat. The steam helps to soften fur and reduce shedding, while the brush keeps your cat's coat healthy and sleek. Make grooming a delightful and stress-free experience for your furry friend with SteamGroom, the perfect blend of pampering and practicality for your beloved cat.



    ✅ GENTLE & RELAXING GROOMING - SteamGroom offers a steamy cat brush designed for gentle and relaxing grooming sessions. The steam functionality adds a soothing element to the brushing experience, making it a comfortable and enjoyable process for your feline companion.


    Effortless Grooming, Ultimate Bonding

    Effortlessly detangle and de-shed with gentle steam power, eliminating the need for traditional brushes. This whisper-quiet, fuss-free tool transforms grooming into a spa-like experience, fostering a deeper bond between you and your cat.

    ✅ EFFICIENT DE-SHREDDING - The cat brush is effective for de-shedding, helping to reduce loose fur and prevent matting. SteamGroom ensures that your cat's coat remains healthy and sleek while minimizing shedding-related issues.


    ✅ STEAM CLEANING FOR HYGIENE - Incorporating steam in the grooming process not only aids in coat health but also contributes to hygiene. SteamGroom's innovative approach helps keep your cat's fur clean and reduces the risk of skin-related concerns.

    ✅ EASY-TO-USE - SteamGroom is designed for ease of use, ensuring that pet owners can seamlessly integrate steam-assisted grooming into their regular care routine. The user-friendly design makes it a practical tool for cat lovers.


    Versatile, Safe, and Health-Enhancing

    Designed for all hair types, the SteamGroom ensures a versatile grooming solution for every cat. Safety features guarantee a stress-free session, even for skittish kitties.

    Experience improved cat health with enhanced blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin and hair, and reducing hairball vomiting. It's not just grooming; it's a holistic well-being boost. 



    ✅WATER SPRAY DESIGN - Steamy cat brush with unique spray design, can refill with water or essence, one click spray to make the pet's hair moist slightly and remove hair easily, distributes mist can avoid the generation of static and reduce the fly-aways that go everywhere when brushing your cat's coat.



    1. Open the silicone cover
    2. Pour in shower gel
    3. Dilute with clean water
    4. Turn on the switch to use it

    No more battles with your cat during grooming sessions, no more loose hairs clinging to my furniture, and certainly, no more hairball-induced worries. It can be very worrying not knowing if our cat fur are protected this whole time! A recent study shows that averagecost to groom the cat can vary in the range of $100USD to $150USD or more!

    With the SteamGroom, rest assured you no longer need to worry with your cat grooming anymore! Live in grooming joy with Nano Mist Spray Technology, gently removing dirt and hair for a comfortable, healthy, and well-groomed cat. Embrace the future of grooming, turning it from a chore into an adore.





    Size: 190 * 53 * 26mm
    Weight: 73g
    Color: Fresh Green OR Yellow
    Material: Plastic & silicone


    (1) X SteamGroom
    (1) X USB Charging Cable


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